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A Safe Cleaning System For Exotic Wood

Due to the fact that each type of wood has unique properties, there are different methods of caring for different types of wood decks. When it comes to exotic wood deck maintenance, DeckMaster has custom cleaning and sealing packages that use our unique revolutionary PressureLess™ Cleaning System to clean your exotic wood decks in a safe way that doesn’t damage the wood. In addition to the PressureLess™ Cleaning System, our team of experts will use the right products (stains, sealers, etc.) that your wood needs. We work with a variety of of exotic woods:

  • IPE
  • Mahogany
  • Cedar
  • Redwood
  • Teak
  • Tiger Wood
  • Cumaru Brazilian Teak
  • More!
exotic wood deck maintenance
caring for exotic wood decks

The Exotic Wood Experts

Here at DeckMaster, we know what works for these woods and what doesn’t. We will help you to understand your deck’s wood, as it is important that both the homeowner and deck specialist are on the same page. We will recommend specific treatments that will help your exotic wood deck last longer and look better. We do quality work that lasts. With over two decades in the deck industry, you can trust your exotic wood deck in the hands of DeckMaster. Give us a call to learn more!

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