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The History of DeckMaster

DeckMaster™ is family owned & operated business based out of Maryland. It all started in 1998 when Jose Ugalde decided to make a change. At the time he was working for a power washing company as a technician, and Jose witnessed day after day how poor the cleaning methods were. He noticed that many of the decks were showing signs of extreme wood damage. Although these companies Jose worked for over the years claimed to be “professional power washing companies,” the cleaning methods and treatments were far from professional, and were actually harming the wood.

It was no surprise to Jose Ugalde. He knew that the cause for the majority of the damage was the pressure washing. Although power washing equipment can be used successfully on wood with the right pressure and skills, most power washing companies were not able to get the results they wanted without cranking up the pressure to dangerously-high levels. Especially when an existing stain needed to be stripped, even more pressure was needed. Chemical solutions were needed for stripping, but many companies lacked the background knowledge necessary that would allow them to choose the right chemical, keeping the wood, plants, home, and environment safe from damage.

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Jose set out to find a better and more efficient way of cleaning and restoring wood. He spent years testing and experimenting with different methods, chemicals, and pressure levels to find a safe yet effective method. Then, in 1999 DeckMaster™ pioneered the Low Pressure Cleaning System, also known as the PressureLess™ Cleaning System. This revolutionary cleaning method surpasses the standard that had been set by pressure washers in the past. With DeckMaster™, you can care for your wood without damaging it, thanks to a unique revolutionary solution that is safe & biodegradable. Because of the powerful chemical process, stains can be stripped without the use of high amounts of pressure. DeckMaster’s cleaning system combined with the latest technology in cleaning equipment provides the best cleaning results in all types of wood and composite decking.

Most pressure washing methods consist of far too much pressure needed to clear dirt off the wood surface, thus causing the wood grain to be raised or indented. This results in splintering and eventually wears on the entire deck. DeckMaster’s innovative system uses a fraction of the pressure used by other companies, but produces far superior results due to the DeckMaster’s innovative cleaning system. This makes for a much cleaner deck, but without creating permanent wood damage.

Jose has been cleaning, restoring and building decks for over 20 years. He has a strong background in home improvement, construction, restoration cleaning, power washing, water damage restoration, fire restoration, painting, and researching safe cleaning methods with his background in chemistry. He has been testing all products in the industry for the past 15 years while consulting and assisting the largest cleaning and stain manufacturers such as Benjamin Moore, Akzo Nobel, Sherwin Williams, and PPG companies.

DeckMaster™ does not belong to any power washing associations. We have revolutionized and changed the rules about wood cleaning, and stand alone as the industry leader with our unique PressureLess™ System. Our technicians have to pass a full 6-month training and certification process before performing work independently. DeckMaster™ has won an award in a consumer rated website in the DC Metro Area. DeckMaster™ is also a certified member of the better business bureau with a clean record.

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Super Service Award

We take. a lot of pride in exceeding our customers expectations when it comes to fence and deck cleaning, repair and building. Every year, Angie’s List awards companies that have given exceptional service and DeckMaster has won this super service award for 3 years in a row. We owe it to our amazing customers who take the time to leave us a review! 


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