When some people think of building a new deck for their home, they only image a plain, flat deck. For some people, this is all they want and so we go ahead and build them a simple yet beautiful deck.

And yet, for other people, they want more out of their deck. Whether that be an additional functionality, or an appearance that makes a statement, a plain, flat deck just doesn’t cut it. Here at DeckMaster, we build high-quality, custom decks just the way you want them. We’ve built hundreds of decks throughout Maryland and Virginia, and done just about any special feature imaginable. In this blog post, we are highlighting 8 special additions that we’ve done recently on decks. Hopefully this helps spark your imagination, and will show you what’s possible on your deck!

1. Pergolas

Pergolas are semi-covered structures that are great for providing shade, hanging flowers, growing vines or ivy, and adding a beautiful structure to your home.

2. Multiple Levels

Adding multiple levels to your deck, even if only separated by a step or two, can help to create a larger space for entertaining and enjoying the outdoor space.

3. Fireplace

This outdoor fireplace not only provides an elegant touch to the deck, but also makes enjoying the deck more relaxing, especially when the weather begins to get cooler. Many people also like to have open fire pits built into their decks that could be used for relaxing or roasting s’mores.

4. Gazebo

A gazebo is similar to a pergola, however it is usually entirely covered. It essentially adds another room to your home. They are great for entertaining and relaxing, and add a new dimension to your home.

5. Unique Railing

The railing on your deck doesn’t have to be vertical wood. There are lots of possibilities including wood patterns, cable, lattice, metal, and more. There are tons of railing options out there.

6. Built-In Planter

This is a simple add-on, but gives you a nice place to add plants or flowers to liven up your deck space.

7. Hot Tub Area

If you own a hot tub, this special feature is a must-have. Having a place for the hot tub will let you relax on the deck, and will keep you from having to leave your hot tub in the yard where it could damage the grass.

8. Ceiling Fan

With this ceiling fan, you can enjoy your deck on even the hottest summer days!

We hope that you’ve begun to see the endless possibilities for custom deck building from DeckMaster. When you’re ready to get started on your new deck, give us a call!